Ashok Gadgil and Mary Robinson

Inventor's projects serve the neediest

Berkeley Lab's Ashok Gadgil puts engineering to work for humanity.
Fed chair Janet Yellen

The hand on the lever

How Berkeley's Janet Yellen is redefining the Federal Reserve.
The New Yorker
man using laptop

Vision-correcting display makes reading glasses so yesterday

Researchers are developing screen displays that can compensate for a viewer's visual impairments to create sharp images without the need for corrective lenses.

Three years for med school? UC Davis can do that

A handful of students are trailblazers in a new medical school model that allows doctors to practice with three years of medical school instead of four.
Capital Public Radio

Best colleges for your money

Several UC campuses are ranked among Money magazine's value rankings of the best colleges for your money.

Healthy lifestyle may buffer against stress-related cell aging

A new study is the first to show that while the impact of life’s stressors accumulate over time and accelerate cellular aging, these negative effects may be reduced by maintaining a healthy diet, exercising and sleeping well.
iPS cell

Stem cell discovery may make tissue regeneration more efficient

Work builds on a strategy that involves reprogramming adult cells back to an embryonic state in which they again have the potential to become any type of cell.
Buck Fire 2012

WIFIRE project helps firefighters get a jump on wildfires

New cyberinfrastructure system monitors and forecasts wildfire activity.

Three of four California children with mental health needs don't get treatment

Barriers to care persist, despite fact that 95 percent have health insurance.
UC President Napolitano and YLP students from UC Merced

President Napolitano explores UC Merced-Yosemite partnership

Two-day visit provided an up-close look at UC Merced’s partnership with the neighboring national park.
geysers on Saturn's moon Enceladus

Cassini finds geysers on icy Saturn moon

Scientists on NASA's Cassini mission have identified 101 distinct geysers erupting on Saturn's small, icy moon Enceladus.
Artist's rendering, Thirty Meter Telescope

Next-generation Thirty Meter Telescope to begin construction in Hawaii

The TMT has its roots at UC Santa Cruz, where astronomers have been working for years on the design of this powerful new telescope.

Earth's catastrophic animal loss

Widespread contraction of the planet’s animal life could have harmful effects on human well-being.
mom and baby

Breast milk reveals clues for health

'Complete food' for infants could lead to supplements that boost immunity for cancer patients, the elderly and children in the developing world.

Recently identified molecule could lead to new tendon repair

Scientists study cell-density signaling complex linked to collagen production.
Colorado River Basin

Parched West is using up underground water

UC Irvine/NASA study points to grave implications for water supply.

Global wildlife decline driving slave labor, organized crime

Global decline of wildlife populations is driving increases in violent conflicts, organized crime and child labor, according to a policy paper led by UC Berkeley researchers.
San Francisco skyline

California is building once again

Allen Matkins/UCLA Anderson Forecast study finds steady recovery reflected in new construction in all markets.

Viewing dentistry in a new light

A new technology uses near-infrared light to better detect cavities without the radiation of X-rays. It's just one of several innovations that could soon change your dental chair experience.

When Rover turns into the green-eyed monster

A dog's fit of jealousy likely has deep, primordial roots, according to UC San Diego research.