Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik, 'Big Bang Theory'

'Big Bang Theory’ creates scholarship fund for STEM students

Scholarship endowment has already raised more than $4 million for students pursuing degrees in science, technology, engineering and math fields.

New technique allows study of clouds in 3-D

Stereophotogrammetry provides a unique window into clouds, thus improving climate models.

Beating the heat

Climate change is igniting a revolution in winemaking, and UC Davis' Andrew Walker is leading the charge.

UCSF launches healthy beverage initiative

Health sciences campus — which has done considerable research on the dangers of sugar — will focus sales on zero-calorie and nutritious drinks.
teen girl

Even when at rest, our brains prepare us to be social

The brain has a major system that seems predisposed to get us ready to be social in our spare moments.

Why dogs look like their owners

The resemblance truly exists, according to science. The question then becomes why. A UC San Diego social psychologist has a theory.
beekeeper and bees

Tiny parasite may have big impact on honey bees

Pathogen found to infect larvae as well as adult bees — another factor implicated in colony collapse disorder.

We trust kids to know what gender they are

That is, until they go against the norm: addressing transgender issues in children.
UC San Francisco via The Conversation
giving money

One pill makes you compassionate

In a new study at UC Berkeley, researchers found people were more willing to distribute money equally when they were given tolcapone, an FDA-approved drug used to treat Parkinson’s disease.
Boaz Arzi and son Jonathan

Surfing surgeon stoked on work-life balance

Passionate about his sport and his profession, assistant professor Boaz Arzi finds the waves to be good medicine for the rigors of the operating room.
boat ramp at shallow lake (iStock)

Dealing with drought Down Under

Melbourne, Australia, cut its water use by half during its worst-ever drought without rate hikes.
Oakland Oak

Tree project aims to put the oak back in Oakland

The city's namesake oaks are no longer ubiquitous. A UC Berkeley professor is on a mission to bring back the leafy groves.
UC Merced students

UC looks to level the playing field for undocumented students

At national summit, experts look to find ways to help students overcome financial and legal hurdles.
lush lawn, UC Riverside

Universities have ideas on how cities will meet water-rationing mandates

California's college campuses are like mini-cities, and are on the leading edge of water conservation.
UC Riverside via The Conversation

President bestows awards for student leadership

Honors go to a Ph.D. candidate at UC San Diego and UC Riverside students operating a free health clinic.

UC Davis students compete for Iron Brew title

Four Aggies turned in beer for their final, and it won them top honors.
California two-spot octopus hatchling

Octopus skin 'sees' without eyes

A new study demonstrates that an octopus’s skin possesses the same cellular mechanism for detecting light as its eyes do.

UC medical centers rated high-performing hospitals by U.S. News

Four University of California medical centers are rated as high-performing in several common procedures in new rankings by U.S. News & World Report.

What UC Merced’s class of 2015 says about California's future

Chancellor Leland: The Golden State invested in a world-class campus in the Central Valley. Why give up on it now?