Spoiler alert

Spoiler alert: spoilers make you enjoy stories more

Did someone spoil the next episode of "Game of Thrones"? They might have done you a favor.

UCSF School of Medicine

UCSF Class of 2016 reflects as they turn to the future

Graduates share personal stories on challenges and achievements.

Dolphin UC San Diego

Dolphin snot might play a crucial role in echolocation

How do dolphins navigate with clicking sounds? A UC San Diego scientist may've found out.

G7 summit in Ise-Shima Japan

UC climate experts hail G7 agreement to address short-lived climate pollutants

Landmark decision by the world's industrial powers could significantly slow rate of global warming.

Project RECOVER UC San Diego

Downed WWII aircraft located in the Pacific with help from UC San Diego

As many as 80 servicemen missing in action found by Project RECOVER's use of advanced oceanographic tools.

Startup connects local farmers with city dwellers

Farmcation, a new student startup, grew from a UC Berkeley innovation course called “Eat.Think.Design.”

Stem cell grants awarded to pursue 'great ideas'

UC researchers from four campuses receive 11 grants totaling $2.5M.

Tom Steyer at UC Carbon Slam

Steyer: Students must lead on climate solutions. Students: We’re on it.

Students competing at the UC Carbon Slam event showed they have what it takes to tackle the biggest issue of the day.

Tiny vampires UC Santa Barbara

Tiny vampires

Vampires are real, and they’ve been around for millions of years, according to a UC Santa Barbara scientist.

UC Merced wildfire

Wildfires in West have gotten bigger, more frequent and longer since the 1980s

Climate change is increasing forest fires, says UC Merced professor.

UC Merced via The Conversation
UC Berkeley couple arguing

How you argue could make you sick

UC Berkeley researchers find different — but negative — health outcomes, whether you raise your voice or keep a stiff upper lip.

UC Davis reptile fossil

New fossil changes ideas about marine reptile evolution

UC Davis-studied specimen reveals how oceans may've bounced back from extinction 250 million years ago.

UCSF Brain weight loss

Want to lose weight? Train the brain, not the body

Emotional brain training can help you break the stress-obesity connection, a UCSF professor says.

UC San Diego algae biofuel

UC San Diego’s algae biofuels program ranked best in nation

An algae surfboard and work on gasoline alternatives help the campus win for the fourth year in a row.

UC Davis doctor firearms gun violence help study

Can doctors help reduce gun violence?

Treating firearms as a health matter can prevent injury, a UC Davis professor says in a new report.

UCLA freshman survey

How freshmen have changed in the past 50 years

Over the course of a 15 million student survey, a UCLA professor finds reasons for optimism.

UC Santa Cruz solar greenhouse

This solar greenhouse could change the way we eat

Thanks to a transparent solar panel developed at UC Santa Cruz, greenhouses are enjoying a new moment in the sun.

LBNL solar panel

Solar power is already saving lives in the U.S. Here's how.

A Berkeley Lab report quantifies the ways the public benefits when targets are met.

UC Davis bees

Deciphering the mysterious decline of honey bees

New research can help these pollinators beat back threats, writes a UC Davis scientist.

UC Cooperative Extension via The Conversation
Cancer resistant drug UCSF

Hybrid cancer drug could be resistance-resistant

UCSF scientists find conjoined compounds deal double blow to resistant cancers in cells and mice.