Exoskeleton UC Berkeley startup

The rise of UC's startup culture

New Bay Area Council report highlights UC's mammoth economic contribution to the state of California.

UC San Diego students volunteering for Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service.

UC tops Washington Monthly rankings

All nine undergraduate campuses named among the best in serving the public interest.

Cliff Kapono

Is the ocean's chemistry keeping us healthy?

A UC San Diego Ph.D. student analyzes the microbial differences between surfers like himself and the nonaquatic.

UC Riverside wastewater

Helping the state cope with drought using wastewater

A new economic model shows how treatment processes may create a viable, affordable water supply for crops.

UC Santa Barbara rugged beauty

'All this rugged beauty'

Journey into the UC Santa Barbara Nature Reserves as the nation marks the National Park System centennial.

UCLA jump-start coma

UCLA scientists jump-start a man’s brain after coma

New noninvasive technique may lead to low-cost therapy for patients with severe brain injury.

SIEML UC Riverside

Students launch careers in business and management

Leaders from historically black colleges and universities and Hispanic-serving institutions wrap up UC fellowship.

UCLA UCSD chemistry

Scientists now know the brain chemistry behind Pavlov’s famous dog experiment

What's happening on a chemical level when we make decisions? UCLA and UC San Diego find out.


MRI scans may be able to diagnose CTE in living patients

Disease from chronic head trauma, known for affecting football players, has been confirmable only in autopsies — until now.

Lydia Natoolo

Student delivers hope to hospital in homeland

UC Irvine undergraduate Lydia Natoolo is helping to save lives in her native Uganda.

UC San Diego aging crisis

Is the 'midlife crisis' a myth?

Despite physical ailments, scientists find that older adults are happier.

UC Berkeley soda

Soda tax linked to drop in sugary beverage drinking

New law produces a 21 percent decline in soda consumption in Berkeley neighborhoods, study finds.

Usain Bolt UC Davis

Calculating how fast Usain Bolt can run

Just how speedy is the Jamaican gold medalist? UC mathematicians go to work.

UCLA clemency students

UCLA law students win clemency for man serving life sentence for nonviolent drug offense

President Obama commutes sentence based on a petition developed by students.

UC Berkeley tea health benefits

The health benefits of tea

Learn how different teas affect your well-being via this UC Berkeley infographic.

UC Irvine: Why are we so afraid to leave children alone?

Why are we so afraid to leave children alone?

New research suggests social pressure exaggerates our fears about unsupervised children.

UC Berkeley Levandowski

How a robot lover pioneered the driverless car, and why he's selling his latest to Uber

Inventor of the first self-driving car to hit public roads, this UC Berkeley alum gets ever close to automotive automation.

Anthony Ervin Olympics winner

UC Olympians strike gold in Rio

UC-affiliated athletes win 18 gold medals at 2016 Summer Olympics, more than all but four nations.

Scientific American maker UC Riverside LBNL

Maker movement turns scientists into tinkerers

UC Riverside and Berkeley Lab researchers speed up science by creating 3-D printed tools.

Brandon Chuang UC Berkeley

Berkeley-bound scholar rises from the depths of schizophrenia

Brandon Chuang takes the mental disease he will be studying very personally.