President Napolitano at UC Riverside

My freshman year

President Napolitano reflects on her first year at the helm of the University of California.

UC campuses earn high rankings among world universities

Berkeley, UCLA in top 20 of Times Higher Education rankings, which also included Santa Barbara, San Diego, Davis, Irvine, Santa Cruz and Riverside.

Diversity leads to success in higher education

Linda P.B. Katehi, UC Davis chancellor, on the campus' quest to become a Hispanic Serving Institution, and why diversity matters.

Napolitano will examine enrollment levels of non-California students

UC president says she wants to tackle the controversial issue of whether some undergraduate campuses enroll too many students from other states and countries.

Students battle for sustainability supremacy

The 2014 Water Battle — to see which residence hall can save the most water, by making just a few simple changes — runs from Oct. 1-31.

Why it’s so hard to lose an accent

Accents are extremely difficult to lose because our infant brains codify a lifetime's worth of sounds before we've spoken our first word.
UCSF Glassbrain

UC nabs nearly a quarter of NIH brain research grants

Projects led by UC scientists will receive more than $10 million of the $46 million being awarded as part of the Obama BRAIN Initiative.

UC, CSU to start loan program for students who entered the country illegally

California public university students who can't take out federal loans because of their immigration status soon will be able to borrow from their colleges instead.
UC San Diego microgrid

Battery system will be able to light 2,500 homes

2.5 megawatt storage system — one of the largest in the nation — will be installed next spring.

Will your lifestyle hurt your grandchildren?

UC Santa Cruz researcher's finding that scars from environmental stresses can be passed on from one generation to the next proves to be an advance in the new field of epigenetics.
Artie Rodgers, LLNL

Data from Napa quake advances seismic science

New sources of information fuel both knowledge and emergency response.

Three institutions join forces to seed transformative brain research

UC Berkeley, UCSF and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab have decided to invest in high-risk, high-gain projects that could jump-start our understanding of the brain.
Science magazine cover

Big visibility for drought research

Jay Famiglietti's underground drought research is getting big exposure: The UC Irvine professor's team created this photo revealing, from satellite imagery, information on the drought's impact on water storage. The image graces the cover of the Sept. 26 issue of Science magazine.
UC Irvine
Yosemite National Park

Berkeley and the making of Yosemite

Digital book brings to life the revered national park that's marking its 150th anniversary.
live chickens

No sign of health or nutrition problems from GMO livestock feed

The performance and health of food-producing animals consuming genetically engineered feed, first introduced 18 years ago, has been comparable to that of animals consuming non-GE feed.

UC Davis, SunPower to build largest solar power plant in UC system

Project is designed to generate 33 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year and expected to reduce the campus's carbon footprint by an estimated 9 percent.
jalapeno peppers

Some like it hotter

How hot do you like your peppers? Researchers at the University of California are working the heat levels of the jalapeño pepper down to a science.

UC takes sustainability to the next level

UC pledges to be carbon neutral by 2025, an ambitious undertaking that no other research university has achieved.
sea otter

California's sea otter numbers hold steady

Annual population census indicates the threatened species is slowly swimming toward recovery.
San Francisco rooftops

How hot or cool is your roof?

How cool is your roof? If you live in the California cities of Bakersfield, Long Beach, Los Angeles, San Francisco or San Jose, you can find out with Berkeley Lab's interactive map. It's part of the lab's heat island research.