Yang Yang UCLA

UC faculty rank first among Highly Cited Researchers

Over 160 UC faculty named to the Thomson Reuters list of most influential researchers.

Zika test

New six-hour Zika test could be ready soon

A UC San Francisco doctor is testing a device to reduce diagnostic turnaround from three months to six hours.

Want to cut down on Facebook? Get more sleep

UC Irvine researchers link compulsive social media checking to lack of sleep.

HyperXite UC Irvine team

UC Irvine students place fifth in Hyperloop competition

UCI's HyperXite and teams from UC Berkeley and UC Santa Barbara advance to the global contest's final stage.

Theia and earth

Moon was produced by a head-on collision between Earth and a forming planet

UCLA research reconstructs massive crash, which took place 4.5 billion years ago.

How humans threaten pumas just by being nearby

UC Santa Cruz researcher on the chain reaction caused by our presence in mountain lion habitats.

UC Irvine Anthony James

Waging a mosquito war

UC Irvine researcher wants to get rid of malaria, Zika and more.

Crowdfunding the fight against cancer

Crowdfunding the fight against cancer

Can crowdfunding help fight cancer? It’s already happening, in a place you might not think to look: your income tax form.

BMI obesity UCLA

Body mass index doesn't gauge health, UCLA-led study says

Researchers find that BMI incorrectly labels more than 54 million Americans as "unhealthy."

UC Berkeley exoskeleton

UC Berkeley exoskeleton helps the paralyzed to walk

Lighter, more agile suit the result of more than a decade of work by robotics lab.

BBC blessing and curse

The blessing and curse of the people who never forget

Neuroscientists at UC Irvine study the secrets of those with "highly superior autobiographical memory."

Successful anti-bullying program identified by UCLA

Study shows Finnish model focused on bystanders is very effective.

Super bowl science

Super Bowl science: brains or brawn?

UC San Francisco scientists explain how evolution uniquely equipped humans to play football.

Close to safety: U.S. launches smart quake alert prototype

White House plans to expand earthquake early warning system developed at UC Berkeley.

UC Santa Barbara sandcastle worm

Cling-on warriors

UC Santa Barbara researchers are developing a new type of underwater adhesive inspired by sandcastle worms.

Redwood ferns

Drought hits redwood ferns hard, new study shows

UC Santa Cruz researchers find that extreme conditions test limits of plants and forest ecosystem.

UC Berkeley studying

A natural way of making your brain more efficient

New UC Riverside study finds that increasing your attention comes from using newly acquired knowledge.

John Cottle USCB

Rock star

A UC Santa Barbara geologist receives early career award from the Geological Society of America.

UC Davis cat stem cells

Cat stem cell therapy gives humans hope

A UC Davis team treats feline disease with a first-of-its-kind stem cell therapy for mammals.

Schizophrenia gene

'Schizophrenia gene' discovery sheds light on possible cause

A UC San Diego scientist weighs in on an important new schizophrenia study.