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Research you've got to talk about

Academic studies from the University of California were among the most talked about research in online and popular media.

Solar, water research proposals receive UC grants

Awards totaling an anticipated $5 million will fuel intercampus research into a sustainable future for the state and nation.

What is the priority for public higher education in California?

Q&A with UC President Napolitano addresses 'what it takes to run the kind of public university system that California has historically had and what it will take in the future.'

Is it lonelier at the bottom or at the top?

Psychologist links human quest for power, influence and a foothold in the social hierarchy to mental health.
UCR Chancellor Kim Wilcox

White House ratings to change conversation about higher education

Chancellor Wilcox: Excellence, access and diversity can be delivered at one time.

All UC medical centers designated as Ebola treatment centers

The hospitals were selected by state health officials; all of the facilities received an on-site assessment by CDC Ebola preparedness teams.

UC campuses dominate 'best value' list

Kiplinger's Best Values in Public Colleges rankings include Berkeley, UCLA, Santa Barbara, Irvine, San Diego, Davis and Santa Cruz.
lens-free microscope

Lens-free microscope detects cancer at the cellular level

Researchers develop device that can do the work of pathology lab microscopes
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China’s e-cigarette boom lacks oversight for safety

With little oversight, Chinese manufacturers are expected to ship more than 300 million e-cigarettes this year to the U.S. and Europe.

Changing trends in gun violence

Firearm suicides, notably among whites, have outpaced homicides, which have decreased in recent years.
Trajan's Markets, Rome

What makes ancient Roman concrete so tough?

Changes during the curing process made the concrete remarkably resilient — and 'greener' than its modern counterpart.
Lawrence Berkeley Lab

Social media-behavioral psychology combo points to more HIV testing

Research suggests a valuable tool in the fight against the virus that causes AIDS.

Grad student helps people in Bangalore know when the next drop of water will come

'In the developed world, we’re used to just turning the water on, and it’s there,' says Christopher Hyun. 'I have a passion to see people having water.'

California gets funding for quake warning system

$5 million has been allocated for the public alert system in a major spending bill approved by Congress.

Grant aims to increase faculty diversity

Riverside undergraduates will be able to take part in a research and mentoring program designed to increase diversity among faculty in American universities.
Regis Kelly

UC trumps Stanford in pushing entrepreneurship, QB3 head says

Regis Kelly takes innovation and entrepreneurship systemwide with his new appointment to UC’s Office of the President.
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Astronomers' cosmic web discovery among top breakthroughs of 2014

UC Santa Cruz faculty, plus researchers at UC Riverside, Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos labs, are honored by Physics World.

When birds lost their teeth

About 116 million years ago, birds lost their choppers — joining other toothless creatures such as turtles and some mammals.