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  • Mark Bittman in garden

    Why California Matters: a recap and look ahead

    Since arriving at UC Berkeley to lecture at the Berkeley Food Institute, food journalist, author and former New York Times columnist Mark Bittman zig-zagged around California to meet UC experts involved in everything from climate change to restaurant labor rights. Now Bittman plans to stay a bit longer. But will he finally sneak in a Meyer lemon recipe?

  • Hmong farmers

    The changing faces of California agriculture

    Mark Bittman meets with UC Berkeley's Jennifer Sowerwine, who studies the cultural and ethnic dimensions of food security among Hmong farmers in the Central Valley. Together, they discuss the challenges facing these micro-farmers, and pick up produce at a Hmong stall at the Berkeley Farmers Market. 

  • A 'parking lot pitch' to the Pope

    Last year, UC San Diego’s V. ‘Ram’ Ramanathan had an audience with Pope Francis in the parking lot of the Vatican. Ramanathan, who serves on the prestigious Pontifical Academy of Sciences panel, delivered what he calls a ‘parking lot pitch’ to the leader of the Catholic Church. Here, Ramanathan describes this moment and how it may have influenced the Pope’s subsequent position on the matter. 

  • boy gets health exam

    A watchful eye on farm families’ health

    Venture out into the fields of Salinas with Mark Bittman as he interviews UC Berkeley's Brenda Eskenazi. She leads the CHAMACOS study, which follows children born between 2000-02 and assesses the impact of pesticides and other environmental chemicals (like flame retardants) on their long-term health.

Science Today

  • dying AIDS patient
    HIV/SIDA: The Epidemic in Tijuana

    'It’s possible to end AIDS in Tijuana, but we need to take a broader look,' says UC San Diego's Steffanie Strathdee. The trials she and fellow researchers faced in northern Mexico are recounted in UCTV's new four-part documentary.

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