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  • Beating the heat


    Climate change is igniting a revolution in winemaking, and UC Davis' Andrew Walker is leading the charge.

  • Living for tips: why waitresses put up with sexual harassment


    Rock-bottom earnings all but guarantee a climate in which food servers put up with harassment just to eke out a living. UC Berkeley's Saru Jayaraman is trying to change that.

  • Baby starfish offer a glimmer of hope for recovery

    CBS News

    Researchers at UC Santa Cruz and elsewhere are finding increased numbers of baby starfish in some locations. Juveniles may be less susceptible to the virus that has decimated sea stars on the Pacific coast.


  • How do our bodies fight off dangerous chemicals?

    Cells are like night club bouncers, says UC San Diego's Amro Hamdoun: With every substance that a cell encounters, it has to decide which to eliminate and which to let in.

  • unboiling eggs

    Why unboil an egg?

    Gregory Weiss, UC Irvine chemistry professor, talks about 'unboiling' egg white proteins and returning them to their original state. The ability to quickly restore molecular proteins could slash biotechnology costs and dramatically reduce the costs for cancer treatments.

  • The life of a star, explained in 1 minute

    The iron in our blood, the silicon in your computer, the oxygen that we breath — all of those elements were synthesized inside a star. UC Santa Cruz astrophysicist Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz walks us through the process from a star's beginning to its death.

  • DNA

    Is the secret to a happy marriage in your DNA?

    Can something as simple and small as a gene impact something as complex as marriage? UC Berkeley researchers have found a link between relationship fulfillment and a gene variant, or allele, of the serotonin transporter gene.


  • Where man and nature collide

    The Road Ecology Center tracks the unfortunate end for many animals and birds on California's roads. The center's California Roadkill Observation System produces an interactive map of roadkill around the state.

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