• Collapsed Cypress structure, Loma Prieta quake, 1989 (USGS)

    Lessons from Loma Prieta

    The devastating Loma Prieta quake was 25 years ago. Richard Allen, professor and director of the UC Berkeley Seismological Laboratory, discusses the lessons we've learned. (USGS photo)

  • earthquake warning system

    Public officials support Berkeley's earthquake warning system

    Public officials are urging California and the nation to put in place Berkeley Seismology Laboratory's Earthquake Early Warning System.

  • jellyfish

    Looking to jellyfish for environmental answers

    Despite their simple marine forms, jellies may provide answers to complex environmental questions.

  • UCSF Glassbrain

    A beautiful mind

    In Adam Gazzaley’s new lab, the brain is a kaleidoscope of colors, bursting and pulsing in real time to the rhythm of electronic music. He also wants this to lead to treatments for a variety of brain diseases.

  • Spicy science: Producing hotter peppers

    UC Newsroom

    How hot do you like your peppers? Spicy pepper seekers, take heart: University of California researchers are studying ways to make hotter jalapeños.

  • baseball pitcher

    What monkeys can teach us about pitching

    UC San Francisco

    New motor learning research suggests that 'muscle memory actually is something the brain is constantly relearning.

  • Long Valley Dam (Stephen Volpin photo)

    Fish survival depends on these dams

    UC Davis

    New tool identifies almost 200 dams — including some of California's largest — as having flows that may be too low to sustain healthy fish populations.

  • From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe: UC research spans the globe

    UC Newsroom

    UC’s global reach can be seen from health to agriculture, sustainability to tech commercialization and bridge-building efforts such as the president-led UC Global Food Initiative and UC-Mexico Initiative.

  • Building global food security through produce research

    UC Davis

    $18.75 million grant from the U.S. Agency for International Development will boost international fruit and vegetable research.