Awards and proposals

The source for award and proposal data is the systemwide Sponsored Projects System (SPX) that is maintained by the UC Office of the President.  Award and proposal data are reported quarterly by sponsored project offices at the ten campus locations, the Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, the Office of the President and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL).  Award data include sub-awards between campuses, but do not include gifts, endowment funds, capital funds, most scholarships or US Department of Energy appropriations to UC-operated National Laboratories.  Award data are available from 2006 to the present, and proposal data are available from 2006 to the present. Starting in FY 2008-09, only LBNL data are reported in the "Dept of Energy Labs" location.

Inflation adjustments based on CA CCPI-W:

*2021-22: The data include the total for the 2021-22 UC fiscal year or quarter one through the third quarter of the 2021-22 federal fiscal year.

  1. A variety of project types are included in the award and proposal data.  In addition to research, project types include training, public service, material transfer agreements, equipment and certain scholarships and fellowships.  Clinical trials are included in the larger “Research” category, and are separately selectable.
  2. The “Other Gov’t” sponsor category includes state governments other than California, municipal and county governments, foreign governments and agencies, and Agricultural Market Order Boards.  The “Non-Profit” sponsor category includes all entities designated by the IRS as tax-exempt, including foundations, charities, associations and industry-based non-profit research organizations.  The “Academia” sponsor category includes other UC campuses, other research universities, Department of Energy Laboratories and the UC Office of the President.
  3. Prior to 2006-07, the UC-affiliated DOE Labs did not generally report the contracts and grants they received from non-federal sources. Prior to that year, only partial data are available.