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UC Riverside |

Why the NBA is seeking technology built by UC Riverside students and alumni

EDGE Sound Research, co-founded by a student and an alum, was one of seven companies from around the world selected for…
Berkeley Lab |

New UN report: Limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius requires deep decarbonization across all sectors

Seven Berkeley Lab scientists contributed to research behind report, which finds that renewable energy, energy…
UC San Diego |

This is what happens when your phone is spying on you

Study reveals smartphone spyware apps are hard to detect and remove.
UC Santa Barbara |

How parents’ smartphone use affects their kids

Study finds parents’ phone use in front of their kids can harm emotional intelligence.
UCSF Magazine |

How much can we control our own fertility?

People trying to conceive are bombarded with advice meant to improve their odds. But how much power do we really have…

Looking for a carbon-friendly diet? The answer is here

A new study suggests emissions from a basic American diet are equivalent to driving a car up to 20 miles per day.
UC Newsroom |

The University of California is born

The university began more than 150 years ago on a simple, but revolutionary idea: That college should be available to…
UC San Francisco |

California’s anti-smoking push spurs big savings on health costs

For every dollar the state spent on smoking control, health care costs fell by $231.
UC Riverside |

Capturing heavier rains in an era of drought

Professor Kurt Schwabe’s Fulbright fellowship will help Australia and California meet water needs.
UC Santa Barbara |

Chasing one of biology's biggest goals: Filming proteins in motion

A UC Santa Barbara team has made strides in addressing one of the grand challenges of modern science: recording…
UC San Diego |

Bees don't just wiggle wiggle, they learn — the newly discovered complex social behavior behind the ‘waggle dance’

Watch out TikTok: The honey bee's groove, one of the most intricate forms of communication known outside humans, relies…
UC Irvine |

Exposure to green space linked to reduced risk of postpartum depression

Tree coverage and physical activity intensify the effect, a UC Irvine-led study finds.