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UC Santa Cruz |

Five student teams embark on tech for social good projects

Students are tackling today’s pressing issues, from solar to education, through technological innovation.
UC San Diego |

In the wake of a wildfire, changes in cognition and brain function linger

Persons exposed to the deadly Camp Fire in 2018 displayed evidence of what is known as “climate trauma.”
UC Merced |

UC Merced leading effort to boost number of early childhood teachers with $1.8M

The new program will help ensure the youngest California students are ready for the K-12 education system.
UC Riverside |

Gas stoves: Why did they become the pariah du jour?

With the chorus for banning gas stoves growing, a methane expert explains the science behind the rancor.
UC San Francisco |

Ward 86 at 40: Shaping HIV care around the world

The revolutionary Ward 86 turns 40 this year and is still developing new ways to care for people living with HIV.
UC Newsroom |

Apply to be the next student regent

The student regent is a full voting member of the board, representing students across the university’s 10-campus system…
UC Newsroom |

Serving the new California: 9 ways UC is working to cultivate a university as diverse as the state itself

Find out how UC is making a strategic effort to cultivate a student, staff and faculty community that reflects the…
UC Newsroom |

What it means to be a Hispanic-Serving System: A Q&A with UC Vice Provost Yvette Gullatt

UC has set its sights on becoming a Hispanic-Serving System to meet the needs of a changing California. It’s already…
UC Santa Cruz via The Conversation |

How California could save up its rain to ease future droughts — instead of watching epic atmospheric river rainfall drain into the Pacific

Urban infrastructure was designed to take stormwater out to the ocean quickly. Now, California needs that precious…
UC San Diego |

UV-emitting nail polish dryers damage DNA and cause cell mutations

Researchers found devices used to cure gel manicures lead to cell death and cancer-causing mutations in human cells.
UC Irvine School of Sciences |

Lunar New Year traditions, old and new

UC Irvine welcomed back its annual celebration in-person this year on Jan. 17.

How Novel!

How UCLA became a cool setting for a new crop of fiction.