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UC Santa Barbara |

A peek inside the quickening race to understand, treat — and even cure — Alzheimer’s disease

Neuroscientist Kenneth Kosik will detail the current and future direction of Alzheimer's research in a free public talk.
UC Riverside |

Scientists uncover COVID’s weakness

New research has revealed the Achilles heel that can be used to prevent the virus from making people sick.
UC Davis |

Can humans recognize a song’s intent regardless of language?

Universal acoustic patterns can help listeners across cultures glean a song's intent, regardless of its lyrics.
UC Berkeley Public Health |

Cultural racism worsens health inequities between racial groups

Racism expressed through cultural norms can perpetuate negative health outcomes for nonwhite groups, according to a UC…
UC Newsroom |

Celebrating UC changemakers: Meet 10 Latino leaders creating a more equitable future for us all

Across disciplines as diverse as education, science, medicine, engineering, law, business and politics, Latino leaders…
UC Newsroom |

University of California earns top spots in 2023-24 U.S. News Best Colleges rankings

UC Berkeley and UCLA are the best public universities in the country, UC Merced takes a giant leap, and all nine…
UC Berkeley |

UC Berkeley is top university in number of companies founded by undergraduate alumni

The 2023 Pitchbook rankings also found that UC Berkeley was the No. 1 public university for startup founders.

National panel led by UCLA law professor recommends 24 ways to protect integrity of 2024 elections

The report is aimed at ensuring access to the ballot for all eligible voters and enhancing the public’s confidence in…
UC Davis |

Disney princesses can be good for a child’s self-image, researchers suggest

Parents may worry about the effect of these storied princesses on their children but a new study finds they may…
UC San Francisco |

Are the newest weight loss drugs too good to be true?

What you need to know about Wegovy, Ozempic and Mounjaro
UC Santa Cruz |

New blood test for noncoding RNA significantly improves cancer detection

A novel liquid biopsy technology developed at UC Santa Cruz leverages RNA “dark matter” to enhance cancer diagnosis
UCLA Center for the Study of Latino Health and Culture |

Remembering UCLA’s Latino founder, Reginaldo Francisco del Valle

A state legislator from 1880 to 1886, Reginaldo del Valle paved the way for UC’s first Southern California campus.