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UC Davis |

Lake Tahoe’s clarity the best it’s been since 1980s

The return of native zooplankton aided Tahoe clarity efforts in 2022.
UC Riverside |

One of every six autistic children are expelled from daycare

Average age of rejected children was only 3.3 years old, survey found.
UC San Diego |

Commercial-scale biomanufactured melatonin is here

A series of fundamental advances made by UC San Diego bioengineers is accelerating the promising field of…

The end of peanut allergies?

UCLA-developed technology could provide platform to fight other allergies, autoimmune disorders.
California Magazine |

Meet Zona Roberts: The grandmother of the disability movement turns 103

How Ed Roberts and his mother Zona changed the world.
UC Newsroom |

16 UC faculty awarded prestigious 2023 Guggenheim fellowships

The honor recognizes talented mid-career faculty who have shown exceptional creativity and scholarship in their work…
UC Berkeley |

The decades-long fight to make child care a national priority

Lack of support for early care and education reflects conventional thinking about the role of women, says trailblazing…
UC Riverside |

Manganese in Central Valley water threatens fetuses and children

Contamination is disproportionately harming lower-income communities.
UC San Diego |

New hope for treating rheumatoid arthritis

A new biodegradable polymer system has been developed to treat rheumatoid arthritis by working in concert with the…
UC Irvine |

A call to hit the ‘pause’ button on AI experiments

Tech experts have published an open letter about artificial intelligence and the race to create something we’re not…

Would more parks and trees help L.A. County residents live longer?

UCLA-led study predicts that an equitable ‘greening’ plan could add up to a million years in collective life expectancy.
UC Davis |

Superbloom or Superbust?

Six places you can see wildflowers as California blooms with life after a massive rainy season.