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UC Natural Reserve System |

UC’s Natural Reserve System establishes research compact with Chilean university reserves

The partnership paves the way for a variety of exchange programs between two regions with remarkably similar biological…
UC Berkeley |

Why T. rex has tiny arms

T. rex’s short arms may have lowered risk of bites during feeding frenzies, scientist proposes.
University of California Health |

University of California Health’s schools recognized as national leaders in graduate school rankings

Health professional schools across the UC system again achieved strong rankings in U.S. News…
UC Santa Cruz |

Methane could be the first detectable indication of life beyond Earth

A new study assesses the planetary context in which the detection of methane in an exoplanet’s atmosphere could be…
UC San Diego |

UC San Diego joins national trial to explore new vaccines for COVID-19 variants

The new trial seeks to understand if different vaccine regimens can broaden immune responses in adults who already have…
UC Riverside |

Turmeric compound helps grow engineered blood vessels and tissues

A new finding could hasten development of lab-grown blood vessels and other tissues to replace and regenerate damaged…
UC Newsroom |

How UC research is helping California meet the challenges of the climate crisis

Scientists and researchers are working to help people across the state adapt to climate change.
UC Newsroom |

How the Indigenous practice of ‘good fire’ can help our forests thrive

Once outlawed, cultural burns can save our forests from uncontrollable wildfire.
UC Santa Cruz |

First complete, gapless sequence of a human genome reveals hidden regions

Parts of the human genome are now available to study for the first time.
UC Davis |

UC Davis historians bring women’s stories to national parks of the Pacific, West

An online repository shines a light on the role of women in establishing or maintaining 64 national parks.
UC Irvine |

Squid skin-inspired cup cozy keeps your hands cool and your coffee hot

Engineers have developed a method for economical mass production of a new insulating material.
UC Berkeley |

Success treating night blindness in dogs could lead to human gene therapy

In videos of the dogs after the treatment, the restoration of vision in low lighting is easy to detect by their canine…