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Has science cracked the code on chronic pain?

In a first, UCSF researchers have identified chronic pain states in individuals directly from their neural activity.
UC Santa Cruz Magazine |

Bonnie Garmus: Chemical reaction

Alumna Bonnie Garmus, author of the smash-hit novel “Lessons in Chemistry,” drew on many lessons learned at UC Santa…
UC Davis |

Lab-grown meat’s carbon footprint potentially worse than retail beef

A new study finds scaling up production using existing processes is highly energy-intensive.

How genomic research could help save the white-bellied pangolin

Genomics is explaining how remarkable the little mammals are — and could help identify which species are the sources…
UC Newsroom |

UC system a global leader in academic excellence, per new rankings

Seven UC campuses also rank among the top 30 of all public universities in the United States, with four in the top 10…
UC San Diego |

Why you can stop feeling guilty about binge-watching your favorite shows

You’re not a wanton couch potato: UC San Diego research reveals people actually ‘binge-watch’ TV with a lot of self-…
UC Santa Cruz |

Meet your long-lost cousin, the comb jelly

Found in oceans around the globe, invertebrate comb jellies have been proven to be the sibling group to all other…
UC Santa Barbara |

A channel involved in pain sensation can also suppress it

Working with fruit flies, researchers have discovered neural pathways that tamp down the pain response.
UC San Francisco |

Chemical exposure may raise your risk for Parkinson’s

The large-scale study is believed to be the first to demonstrate an association with Parkinson’s.
UC Davis |

New UC Davis research using DNA offers new model for human origins

Genetic analysis suggests Homo sapiens arose from multiple closely related populations in Africa.
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3 UC alumni awarded 2023 Pulitzer Prizes

In the categories of drama, history and memoir, UC alums have been recognized with one of the most prestigious honors…
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UC graduate programs and schools among nation’s best in the 2023-24 U.S. News Best Graduate Schools rankings

UC offers some of the most highly-ranked schools and programs across nearly every field imaginable.