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UC Santa Cruz |

Partnership across UC campuses will prepare the next generation of leaders in organic agriculture

A grant of more than $700,000 from the USDA will support a UC collaboration to improve and expand undergraduate…
UC Berkeley |

Could this new process finally turn polyethylene bags, plastics into something useful?

A promising new method for breaking down plastic would finally allow us to do something useful with hard-to-recycle…
UC Santa Barbara |

Setting up a ‘school zone’ for whales

Marine research and conservation institutions band together to expand whale-saving technology to the San Francisco Bay.

Why are prescription drugs so expensive? It’s not necessarily high R&D, new study shows

Pharmaceutical companies claim they need to charge high drug prices to recover the costs of research and development,…
Berkeley Lab via The Conversation |

Hurricane Ian: When the power grid goes out, could solar and batteries power your home?

A study of real-world disasters shows how home solar and storage could keep the lights on and the air conditioner…
UC Davis |

Revealing the genome of the common ancestor of all mammals

Every modern mammal is descended from a common ancestor that lived about 180 million years ago. We don’t know a great…
UC Newsroom |

UC president recognizes foster youth students, celebrates outstanding student leadership

The inaugural Regents Foster Youth Award and an award for student leadership shine a light on the impact UC students…
UC Berkeley Haas |

Who flirts to get ahead at work?

A new study finds it’s most often men in subordinate roles as a way to maximize personal gain at work.
UC Riverside |

Why Ukraine advances don’t equal Russian retreat

UC Riverside expert weighs in on Ukrainian counteroffensive, faux referendums and Putin's rebuke.
UC Santa Barbara |

A $60M gift to heal the oceans

Marc and Lynne Benioff gift the university $60 million to support ocean science research and solutions — one of the…
UC San Diego, UC Irvine |

UC San Diego, UC Irvine and others seek to map the human brain over a lifetime

The new Center for Multiomic Human Brain Cell Atlas will seek to describe in unprecedented detail the molecular…
UC Newsroom |

UC community builders on how their Hispanic heritage fuels their work for change

These UC students, alumni, faculty and staff are using their own spark to light the way for others.