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UC Irvine |

Can’t pay attention? You’re not alone

UC Irvine professor Gloria Mark explains why we’re distracted and how to fight it.
UC Berkeley |

For top graduating senior, a pirouette from ballet to human rights

The 2023 University Medalist, who emerged from the pandemic and the pain of her father’s death to excel at UC Berkeley’…

AANHPI Heritage Month 2023: Read, watch, listen

UCLA staff recommend books, films, music and more to celebrate Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander…
UC San Francisco |

Could bird flu become the next pandemic?

Person-to-person transmission is unlikely, but not impossible, experts say.
UC Santa Cruz |

Human pangenome reference will enable more complete and equitable understanding of genomic diversity

UC Santa Cruz scientists, along with a consortium of researchers, have released a draft of the first human pangenome —…
UC Newsroom |

UC’s Grad Slam delivers a masterclass in concision and cutting-edge research

Graduate students wowed the audience during the annual contest to explain research in under three minutes, with Brandon…
UC San Diego |

An essential tool for firefighters and emergency managers

ALERTCalifornia, a collaborative public safety program, has deployed more than 1,000 camera and sensor arrays in the…
UC Berkeley |

Deep sleep may mitigate Alzheimer’s memory loss, UC Berkeley research shows

“Think of deep sleep almost like a life raft that keeps memory afloat, rather than memory getting dragged down by the…
UC San Francisco |

UCSF is first in California to provide drug-gene testing

New testing will provide critical clues about a patient’s unique genetic makeup, enabling pharmacists to tailor…
UC Irvine |

A 400th birthday bash under glass

A new exhibit toasts the 400th anniversary of the First Folio, a rare, first-edition Shakespeare anthology owned by UC…
UC Santa Barbara |

UC Santa Barbara to lead NSF-funded research institute for next-level AI-powered cybersecurity

UC Santa Barbara is to be the headquarters of a NSF-funded state-of-the-art AI-powered cybersecurity institute.
UC Newsroom |

Tune in Friday, May 5 for Grad Slam, UC’s rapid-fire research communication contest

10 UC graduate students will vie to captivate the audience with their research in three minutes or less and win the…