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UC Berkeley |

California takes a first step towards worker data rights

On Jan. 1, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) went into effect, marking the first time that workers in the U.S…
UC Newsroom |

Climate resilience projects take root across California

The University of California will award $100M in state climate action grants this year to help communities across the…
UC Santa Barbara |

Toward Harmony and Equality

Historian Daina Ramey Berry offers perspective on the legacy and enduring relevance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
UC San Diego |

Cannabis-related emergency department visits among older adults on the rise

Education and discussions with older adults about cannabis use should be included in routine medical care.
UC Berkeley |

Among less-educated young workers, women and Black men are paid far less

Women of all races, as well as Black men, who have not attended college are paid dramatically less than Asian American…
UC Davis |

UC Davis researchers study telemedicine for cats

Video veterinary appointments could increase access to medical care.
UC Irvine |

How UC Irvine saved the ozone layer

Research by F. Sherwood Rowland and Mario Molina is at the heart of a recent U.N. report that the ozone hole is closing.
UC San Francisco |

30 years on, are we winning the fight against Alzheimer’s?

Lecanemab, Donanemab, and other drug-free strategies have emerged as weapons against dementia.
UC Newsroom |

UC awards $16.4M in grants to address climate change, health inequities

21 exciting new projects are being funded through $16.4 million in grants from UC’s Multicampus Research Programs and…
UC Davis |

Bumblebee and butterfly, where are you?

Distinguished professor Art Shapiro’s Beer for a Butterfly Contest is one of two entomology contests at UC Davis to…
UC San Francisco |

How gene therapy saved a child from “Bubble Boy Disease”

Breakthrough makes young boy the first person to receive gene-corrected stem cells for Artemis-SCID.

Tiny implantable device designed by UCLA scientists helps kill cancer

A therapeutic sponge the size of a pencil eraser boosted the body’s tumor-fighting response in mice and kept the cancer…