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UC tops Forbes, Washington Monthly rankings as America’s best university system

Four UC campuses are among the top 25 of all private or public universities in the country, says Forbes, while…

Celebrate Star Trek Day the Bruin way

On the anniversary of the TV show’s debut, 2 UCLA scholars weigh in on the generation-spanning galactic phenomenon.
UC San Diego |

3D-printed ‘living material’ could clean up contaminated water

Combined with a seaweed polymer, a bacteria associated with algae blooms can actually make water cleaner — then…
UC Davis |

You might be making this one mistake with your smoothie

Researchers find adding a banana decreased the level of flavanols in smoothies.
UC Santa Cruz |

Seismologists use deep learning to forecast earthquakes

Existing models of earthquake aftershocks struggle with the volume of contemporary data, but a new team uses deep…
UC San Francisco |

Gene editing of microbiome may help prevent asthma in children

Breakthrough CRISPR technology could also target ulcerative colitis, periodontal disease and multiple sclerosis.
UC Irvine |

The lab teaching the world how to safely study pathogens

Looking to prevent the next pandemic? This highly regarded UC Irvine program trains researchers in the safe use of…
UC Davis |

New drone research advances wildfire monitoring

A network of technological tools could detect wildfires earlier.

Could insights from ants help people build better transportation networks?

UCLA study finds the insects’ nests reflect the way they work together — or don’t — to forage for food.
UC San Diego |

7 AI-powered technologies you should know about

Move over, ChatGPT: These artificial intelligence-powered technologies and innovations being developed and implemented…
UC San Francisco |

Can an artificial kidney finally free patients from dialysis?

The Kidney Project proves its bioreactor can keep kidney cells alive for at least one week.
UC Riverside |

Native nations and UC scientists join together in climate fight

$7 million grant advances Indigenous and academic partnership.