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Application deadline nears for extraordinary fellowship that unites young scientists with Nobel laureates

The UC President’s Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings Fellowship is open to students and postdocs from all 10 UC campuses,…
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Good news on paying for college: Four ways UC is helping families

Prospective UC students can take heart: UC provides generous aid and is doing even more to keep a world-class education…
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The sleep detectives

UCI Health’s one-stop Sleep Center treats slumber disorders of every stripe.
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Political parties use gerrymandering to counteract shifting voter preferences in key battleground states

Whichever party controls the redistricting process in the state legislature engineers an 11 percentage point increase…
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When work becomes your religion, nothing else matters

Religion expert Carolyn Chen examines the role that spirituality plays in productivity in Silicon Valley.
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Physical activity may have a stronger role than genes in longevity

Can you extend your lifespan by exercise, no matter what your genetics say?
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The University of California stands out in serving its students and the nation, says Washington Monthly

Four UC campuses were among the top 25 of all universities, public and private, in the new ranking.
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Campus community gathers to cheer on ‘magnificent’ new students

Nearly 2,400 new students of UC Merced were greeted by cheering faculty, families and staff at UC Merced's Scholars…
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Clinical trial aims to restore speech to those who lost it due to brain injuries

BrainGate2 will use brain implants and machine learning to ‘decode’ people’s intended speech.

A simple method for destroying ‘forever chemicals’ and making water safe

Using common reagents in heated water, chemists can ‘behead’ and break down PFAS, leaving only harmless compounds.
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UC Irvine study examines distorted time perception during pandemic

The distortion of time may be an important risk factor to target with early interventions for better mental health.
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A new kind of chemo

Researchers identify a new class of drugs that offer a safer, more targeted treatment for leukemia patients.