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UC San Francisco |

How artificial intelligence gave a paralyzed woman her voice back

A breakthrough brain implant and digital avatar allow a stroke survivor to speak with facial expressions for first time…
UC San Diego |

Intermittent fasting improves Alzheimer’s pathology

Mice on a time-restricted feeding schedule had better memory and less accumulation of amyloid proteins in the brain…
UC Santa Barbara |

Our plastic waste can be used as raw material for detergents

Thanks to an improved catalytic method, your empty laundry detergent bottle can now be turned into more detergent.
UC Santa Cruz |

Scientists release the first complete sequence of a human Y chromosome

Until now, it had been notoriously challenging for the genomics community to sequence due to the complexity of its…
UC Newsroom |

University of California campuses are among the nation’s best, according to student surveys

All nine UC undergraduate campuses were named top academic institutions by the Princeton Review in its Best Colleges…
UC Newsroom |

UC Student and Policy Center opens its doors to usher in a new era of collaboration and partnership with state leaders

The building will provide an expanded educational home for students and serve as a hub where UC researchers can gather…
UC Riverside |

Could exposure to chemicals in plastics predispose you and your children to cardiovascular disease?

A $6.8M NIEHS grant will support research on how exposure to such chemicals increases atherosclerosis.
UC Irvine |

The secret life of bumblebees

UC Irvine scientist uncovers surprising facts about the fuzzy insects

Planetary defense test deflected an asteroid but unleashed a boulder swarm

UCLA-led study of NASA’s DART mission determines that the strategy presents previously unanticipated risks
UC Berkeley |

Brain recordings capture musicality of speech — with help from Pink Floyd

Neuroscientists decode song from brain recordings, revealing areas dealing with rhythm and vocals
UC San Francisco |

New concussion headset shows when it’s safe to return to play

UC San Francisco-patented device finds resuming sports should be delayed for several days after symptoms have resolved.
UC Santa Barbara |

Dogs can detect COVID-19 infections faster and more accurately than conventional technology

Research demonstrates readiness for mainstream medical applications