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UC Santa Cruz |

Bering Land Bridge formed surprisingly late during last ice age, study finds

New research shows the Bering Strait remained flooded until around 35,700 years ago, not long before humans began…
UC Berkeley |

Pushing to remove legal barriers for formerly incarcerated students

The policy fellowship at UC Berkeley’s Underground Scholars Initiative continues the student group’s tradition of…
UC Riverside |

Mired in silence: Southern California’s farmworkers lack health resources, study says

Health of Southern California’s farmworkers needs to be a priority, says UC Riverside study.
UC Irvine |

UC Irvine physicist proposes new experiment to detect dark matter in our solar system

The SpaceQ mission, involving atomic clocks on spacecraft placed close to the sun, could help find particles that have…
UC Berkeley Greater Good Science Center / Greater Good Magazine |

Our favorite books of 2022

Greater Good’s editors pick the most thought-provoking, practical, and inspirational science books of the year.
UC Riverside |

Pollution cleanup method destroys toxic ‘forever chemicals’

A breakthrough process has been developed by UC Riverside scientists for drinking water treatment and toxic site…
UC Davis |

Canine cancer patient gets new lease on life while helping people fighting same disease

Tyson is starring in a YouTube video produced by UC Davis Health to show how dogs with cancer can help humans with…
UC San Francisco |

Is too much screen time bad for kids? It's complicated

UCSF expert explains lnks to disruptive behavior, increased anxiety and eating disorders
UC Santa Barbara |

Celebrating a uniquely Californian winter

Take note of festive native plants and heighten your enjoyment of the season.
UC San Diego |

How research is boosting voter turnout

Studies indicate that a small change in timing makes a major difference in turnout — and election officials are taking…

8 films with UCLA ties named to National Film Registry for 2022

The selections are “a testament to the rich, diverse stories told by talented UCLA filmmakers,” said May Hong HaDuong,…
UC Riverside |

Skip the angry, never-sent letter — try a grateful one instead

Letter writing carries greater benefits than gratitude journaling, new UC Riverside research finds.