UC employees, full-time equivalent (FTE)

Reference for faculty series and class title outlines in each group.

1. SWP stands for systemwide programs and includes the California Digital Library, UC Press, and similar programs.

2. PSS stands for Professional and Support Staff. MSP stands for Management and Senior Professionals. 

3. Core funds includes state & UC general funds and tuition & fees. Non-core funds include revenues from medical centers, auxiliary enterprises, research grants & contracts, private support and other sources.

4. FTE shown is “Base FTE” and includes the following CPS description of service (DOS) codes: AV – regular pay, AM – leave with pay, AW – sabbatical leave – in residence, AX – sabbatical leave – not in residence, HD – health sciences comp plan – base pay, HR – regular pay – health sciences and HY – health sciences comp plan – negotiated component.

5. In 2010, UC re-categorized some academic administrators (mostly deans) from SMG staff to academics. 

6. In 2017 and 2018, several titles were reclassified from MSP - Managers to MSP - Senior Professionals and from PSS – Non Students to MSP - Senior Professionals.

7. In 2017-18, UCOP began receiving direct state appropriations for its operations, while in prior years it was funded through campus assessments. Therefore, a significant portion of UCOP FTE moved from being non-Core funded to being Core-funded.