Young Black man in headgear next to a map of the human brain

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Take a tour of your thoughts with the 'Glass Brain'
The Glass Brain is kind of like it sounds. It’s a colorful, 3-D window into all the mysterious activities that light up the brain.
Surf’s up in San Diego, thanks to alumni-led startup
Surfing in San Diego just got a whole lot easier, thanks to a team of UC San Diego alumni bringing app-based, accessible board rental right where it’s needed.
Driving high? Chemists make strides toward a marijuana breath analyzer
By oxidizing THC to create an electric current, a UCLA team’s fuel cell sensor can reveal the presence of the drug.
UC Santa Cruz student named one of 50 top hackers of 2022
Each year, 50 recipients from a pool of over 150,000 active community members are selected for their exceptional contributions to the tech ecosystem and STEM education.