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UC Davis |

Frog abnormalities not as common as feared

A 10-year study shows some good news for frogs and toads on national wildlife refuges: The rate of abnormalities such…
UC Office of the President |

Sequestration takes toll on research, education

UC leadership: Science is at risk because of across-the-board spending cuts in the federal budget.
UC Irvine |

People with superior recall powers vulnerable to false memories

Test subjects with super-autobiographical memory logged scores similar to those with average memory, researchers find.

Low-fat diet changes prostate cancer tissue

Study suggests altering diet lowers cell cycle prorgression score, a key predictor for recurrence of the disease.

For anxious children and teens, context counts

Those with anxiety disorders have more activity in specific part of brain if interpreting situations negatively, study…
UC Santa Barbara |

JFK presidency: what was, what might have been

Fifty years after his assassination, scholars examine John Kennedy's accomplishments and the work he left undone.
UC Davis |

Grapevine virus screening saves wine country $60M

Study quantifies monetary benefits for Napa, Sonoma counties of UC Davis-based Foundation Plant Services.
UC Berkeley |

End of the computer transistor era?

Researchers could soon transform the building blocks of modern computing by making nanomagnetic switches a viable…
UC Irvine |

Whirlwind tour of spirituality

Students, faculty and staff explore the world’s great faith — and non-faith — traditions.

Dogs likely originated in ancient Europe

Genetic analysis suggests an extinct population of wolves was domesticated by hunter-gatherers more than 18,000 years…
UC San Diego |

Government aid: like parent, like offspring

Parents’ use of government assistance likely drives use in next generation.
UC San Diego |

Shake table, robot win Popular Science awards

Innovations are among the magazine's 'Best of What's New' honorees.